Russell's Gravesend Brewery started in 1858, when the Russell Family acquired an existing brewery. Truman's took it over in 1930. Russell's also took over George Wood & Son in 1917, who had breweries at Upper Wrotham Rd, as well as at East St., just along the road from Russell's. I lived next door to Wood's East Street Brewery. I am interested in items from both Russell's and Wood's.

Russell's products were sold under the "Shrimp Brand" name, and sometimes contained no mention whatsoever of the Russell's name.

If you have anything from Russell's Brewery you are interested in selling, please e-mail me with a photograph. Even if you don't want to sell, I am happy to appraise and/or value the item for you, provided you send a photograph.

Here are some of the items already in my collection;

A Russell's jug. Nowhere does it state on this item that it is from Russell's Brewery. It contains only the "Shrimp Brand" name and logo.

Russell's jug

An ashtray with colour similar to the jug. Note the "Shrimp Brand" trade mark. While this ashtray is a bit worn, I haven't seen another like it.

Russell's ashtray

A cellar thermometer. This is considerably larger than normal cellar thermometers, being around a foot tall, indicating an advertising function for this item. Rather than being used in the cellar, this may well have graced the bar area as an impressive advert.

Russell's thermometer
If you have any Russell's memorabilia I might be interested in, which you want to swap or sell, please get in touch

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