When drinking in your local you will have come across water jugs with the name of a brewery on. They serve to provide water, especially for drinking whisky, as well as to advertise a brewery.

I am interested in purchasing jugs from defunct British breweries, issued prior to 1940, – but no reproduction please! In recent years a lot of jugs have been produced which look as though they are old, but which are not. I get lots of enquiries from people thinking they have something dating to the 1930s, when in fact they are recent. I am happy to advise on these more recent jugs, but am not interested in purchasing them.

If you can find a buyer, they generally sell for between 5.00 and 10.00.

Breweries of particular interest to me include;
  • Bunting’s of Uttoxeter
  • Dix’s of Shelton, Staffordshire
  • Joules of Stone, Staffordshire
  • Parker’s of Burslem
  • Russell’s of Gravesend (Shrimp Brand)
  • Tunstall Brewery, Staffordshire
A desirable Joules jug
Another desirable Joules jug
However, any older jugs may be of interest.

If you have anything to sell or swap, or would like information, please e-mail me

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