I am selling what I believe to be the largest collection of full commemorative bottled beers in the UK. The collection contains bottled beers produced from 1869 up to the end of 1999. All are full and unopened, with their original contents.

I have approximately 2,600 bottled beers left. See the Association for British Brewery Collectables Complete Commemorative Bottled Beer Collectors List for a complete listing of all bottles known to have been produced.

You can view a complete list of what's available in PDF format.  Just click here.

Noteworthy parts of my collection include;

  • A 1977 Royal Silver Jubilee collection
  • A collection of full UK issued beers produced for the Millennium, with a representative selection of beers produced outside the UK
  • A huge range of Guinness commemoratives (not for sale)
  • A set of bottled beers produced for meetings of the Association for British Brewery Collectables (formerly the Association of Bottled Beer Collectors)
  • Most 1981 and 1986 Royal Wedding beers
  • Many items of which only one example is known
  •  ...and much, much more
Part of my bottled beers collection

I have been collecting bottled beers since 1977, so my collection is the result of over 40 years of work. Anyone interested is welcome to make an appointment to view. If you have any questions or want to view the collection, which is located near Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK,  e-mail me.

Part of my bottled beers collection Part of my bottled beers collection

Serious offers for the collection or individual items are invited. The buyer is responsible for paying postage or, in the event of a large number of bottles being involved, arranging transportation. Payment must clear before any items are collected or posted. I accept PayPal from anywhere in the world, or cheques in Sterling from banks based in the UK.

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